• 型 號: Omni Class
  • 庫存狀態: 接受預訂中

預 訂

  • HKD$3,100.0

  • 稅前: HKD$3,100.0

Product introduction:

*1.75% die-cast metal,fully articulated figure,the height is 11 inches (28cm).

*2.Movable helmet and chest to expose Mark 43 inside.

*3.LED lights in the eyes,chest, back, knees, calves, palms and soles.

*4.LED lights under soles, and two spring-loaded mechanisms on each heel.

*5.Retractable mechanism in forecarm.

*6.Sliders on ankles are retractable with spring-loaded mechanism.

*7.Hands and fingers comes with articulation.

*8.Over 20 points of articulation.


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