• 型 號: MMS197D02
  • 庫存狀態: 有庫存
  • HKD$2,310.0

  • 稅前: HKD$2,310.0

Product introduction:

*Approximately 31 cm tall;

*Over 36 points of articulations;

*Special features on armor;

*LED-lighted eyes and circle-shaped RT on chest (white light, battery operated) ;

*1 interchangeable battle damaged mask;

*1 pair of damaged shoulder armor;

*1 chest armor;

*1 damaged chest armor;

*1 damaged biceps armor;

*1 pair of damaged forearm armor.

3 pairs of interchangeable palms including: 

*1 pair with improved articulations, movable fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated) ;

*1 pair of forceful fists;

*1 pair of battle palms with light-up repulsor (white light, battery operated) ;

*Improved articulations on waist armor which allow flexible movement ;

*Fully deployed air flaps at back of the armor ;

*Metallic red, gold and silver colored painting on armor .


*LED light-up figure stand with Mark XLII nameplate and movie logo (white light, battery operated)


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